The Expert Bike Fit is the most thorough bike fit process in the area. A better bike fit is more comfortable, more aerodynamic, and more powerful, ensuring that your limitations will have nothing to do with your position on your bike. Whether you’re looking to win or just stop hurting, a proper bike fit can be the difference-maker.

The Expert Bike Fit system utilizes a bio-mechanical computer analysis system to conduct a 2D analysis of the cyclist’s position on the bike. Our bike fit system is a streamlined version of the (MaxT Inno) software utilized in scientific laboratories across the world.

The Expert Bike Fit process combines digital, virtual and human protocols to provide the best bike fit possible. It’s not just about your position on the bike but also about addressing your cleat placement, knee tracking, and making modifications that best preserve bike handling so you are riding as the manufacturer intended. bike-fit-before-sjoberg-resized

Using a dynamic, motion-capture fit system allows the fitter to take fit measurements while you ride, taking into account your unique riding style and accurately determining the fundamental measurements of bike fit, including knee extension, knee-forward-of-foot (knee over pedal spindle), back angle, and more.

We also offer full concierge fitting service (at your location). Call for more details.